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The transformative learning experiences at Brooklyn Kids Prep School are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Each day is filled with opportunities to experience new educational, social, and emotional situations. Our teachers create a safe and open setting where they can help guide students in exploring the information and the world around them.

We follow a high academic standard as a guide for the creativity and leadership of our teachers. Our objectives are not set in stone, with occasional revisions developed in response to the latest research on educational innovations and theories.

Here are some highlights of our program...

  • Small class size (14 students per class) 

  • Outdoor learning 

  • Personalized learning 

  • High-quality STEAM curriculum 

  • Mastering core academic skills with authentic life experiences

  • Limited homework so that students can enjoy their time at home with their family

  • Progress reports are sent to parents/caregivers every 12 weeks 

  • Letter grades are combined with other forms of assessment such as portfolios, and checklist 

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